Casco Viejo

Panama City was founded in 1519. It has a long history of European explorers looking for gold, pirate attacks, and multiple takeovers. In November, the country celebrates three separate independence days from Columbia and Spain (2 different days from Spain).

Panama City was set on fire in 1671 by the governor before the pirate Henry Morgan could attack.  The ruins can be seen in Panama Viejo (only a 5 minute drive from our apartment).

By 1673, the Panama City was rebuilt on a peninsula completely isolated by the sea and a defensive system of walls. The 4 blocks of Casco Viejo or Casco Antigua takes you back in time as you walk among the historic buildings.

Love this place!! We have had an opportunity to visit here at least three different times. It will be a frequent activity for us to wander the streets, eat great food, visit museums, and it has an ice cream store with flavors that rival Third Bowl in CB & Sebastian Joes in Minnesota!

The pictures speak for themselves…with a little help from some captions. Place your cursor over the pictures to read them.

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