Fast Forward

So for the past seven weeks, the boys and I have been flying solo in Panama since Dano has been back in Crested Butte for work. He left at the very end of July and returns tomorrow (hooray!)! To fast forward to present, I am going to add 1 picture from different adventures and events over the past month and a half. It will be hard to choose 1 picture from certain events and not everything we did will be highlighted.

Here it goes!

Panama crafts fair with traditional dancing and art from all over the country!
First day of school at ISP: August 11, 2014
Bought a car!
Moved out of the hotel (3 1/2 weeks) & into our apartment.
Parque Natural Metropolitano–a great park right in the city!
Drove across the country of Panama to the Caribbean with the Jobes family!
Pipeline Road. Great hike through the rainforest!
Mountains! Surrounded by peaks & pine trees in El Valle! Only 90 minutes from the city! Heaven!


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