It is amazing what instincts are deeply ingrained. I lived in Colorado for 22 years before adventuring to Panama. Certain habits are hard to break.

Cloudy Skies! When I see cloudy skies, I instinctively want to grab a down coat or fleece. No need, the temperature is in the 80s.


Windy nights! The other night I was woken up by strong winds. My first thought was “Blizzard!”.

Bodies of water & swimming pools! I brace myself for freezing, cold water each time I go in.

Only in a surf shirt because too much sun the week before!

Steep hills & driveways! Every time I see one, I wonder how it will get plowed or how dangerous it will be when icy. Not a Panama problem.

Mountains! Whenever I see a mountain, I wonder where the trail is so I can go for a run!

El Valle
El Valle

2 thoughts on “Instinct

  1. 22 years? Time flies! I love reading your posts and seeing your pics. My favorite pics so far are the beach ones – beautiful! Hugs to you and the boys!


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