History Within the Skyscrapers

It is easy to forget that Panama has a long, complicated history that dates back to the early 1500s.  Panama Viejo is the oldest Spanish settlement on the Pacific coast. It was founded in 1519 and destroyed in 1671 by a fire before Henry Morgan attacked. It was never rebuilt, but the settlement moved to Casco Viejo about 10 kilometers away. About 20 years ago, Panama Viejo became protected thanks to a variety of organizations focused on the conservation of the area.

We finally made time to go to Panama Viejo. It is less than 2 kilometers from our apartment so it was silly that we never stopped to explore.

SAM_4359SAM_4397SAM_4350SAM_4371SAM_4392   SAM_4384SAM_4364SAM_4353SAM_4357SAM_4379SAM_4403

4 thoughts on “History Within the Skyscrapers

  1. Great pictures! It’s amazing it is so close to your house.

    Gabi has questions for Sully and Liam- are you enjoying Panama? What do you like to eat? Do you like your school? Is your teacher nice? What are you doing for Halloween? Gabi is dressing up as Elphaba from Wicked she has a green bodysuit.

    Keep posting it is so fun to follow XO

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    • Hi Gabi, I am enjoying Panama, I like the beaches. So far, I eat the same food except a lot more fish. 95% of my teachers are nice. I like the school. It is a lot bigger that CB. My class is double the size. Sully
      Hi Gabi, Panama has fun beaches. I have seen 3 different types of monkeys so far when we hiked in the rainforest. There are a lot of sushi places that I like (and I order my rolls “sin aguacate”). I like my teachers a lot and I like school. I take fencing twice a week which is fun. Happy Halloween! Liam
      Hi Gabi, We think you, your parents, and your Grandma need to visit Panama! I am not sure what we are doing for Halloween. We live in a building with 50 floors…I don’t think people trick or treat in the building. We may go to a neighborhood. Happy Halloween! Shari & Dano


  2. Such a fascinating experience you guys are having! Everyone looks so happy and warm, I might add 🙂
    Will you do a Thanskgibing dinner with other Northeners? Hi from the whole clan here


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