Sister School

Going about our daily life and during our various travels, it is easy to forget that a significant percentage of Panamanians live well below the poverty line. One of these neighborhoods is near our school and ISP has formed a relationship with one of the public schools in that neighborhood.

ISP has had a relationship with Las Trancas School for many years. Throughout the school year, ISP fundraises for school supplies, donates Christmas presents, and organizes opportunities for classes to partner up for different activities.

I had the privilege to work with the first grade teachers to help organize one of these activities. To finish their citizenship and UN day unit, two classes from Las Trancas spent the morning at ISP doing art projects, singing songs, and playing games.

Watercolor station. Some of the students had never used watercolors before!

It was amazing to see the faces light up on the students from both schools! The interactions were genuine and full of heart. As the nervousness wore off, the laughter filled the room and the smiles grew wider. The parent volunteers were incredible, the teachers rocked, and I was in constant awe of the students!

I have to admit–I was a bit of a stalker of this little boy. I followed him to many stations!


The furry of activity at the playdough station! Public & private schools wear uniforms. Las Trancas have the white shirts.

Although it was only a few hours, I hope the morning at ISP filled the 1st graders with a bit of joy and happiness!

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