United Nations Day

Over 45 nationalities make up the student body of the International School of Panama. United Nations Day is a day at ISP (and most international schools) when nationalities are celebrated through food and dress.

4 thoughts on “United Nations Day

    • Liam had UN day the following week with MS. He wore a Colorado bike jersey. Sully was part of Panamun: a Model UN event that involved the whole school. He had to wear a suit!! I will add a pic from the preschool of US kids. Most US kids and teachers wore sports jerseys or red, white, and blue.


  1. When would be a good time to visit? I really want to but we would need to plan far in advance. Will you still be there Feb 2016? Brian has a trade show in Puerto Rico every year and maybe it would work to go with him and then fly to Panama from there??? Or maybe this summer? Will you be traveling then?

    Your posts make me want to visit! Everything sounds wonderful and you all look great. But I did miss the photo of the US boys on United Nations Day. Glad Dano is not bored!!!

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