Ciclovia de Panama!

When moving to another country, one of the challenges is deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. Some items were obvious such as skis & all things winter. Other things weren’t as cut and dry; many debates occurred as we organized the house. Our belongings were placed in the following categories with the majority falling in the last one: 1) bring to Panama 2) store in the attic 3) sell or donate. It was actually refreshing to purge on such a large scale!

Not knowing that meniscus surgery was in my future (although the darn knee was giving me some irritation in Colorado), I am so happy we brought our road bikes to Panama. Not just for my recovery, but for Ciclovia de Panama!

Bt5geI0CQAALOid.jpg-largeAlmost every Sunday, lanes of roads are dedicated to biking. They put down thousands and thousands of cones to create a bike lane.

Random image off the internet.

We only have to bike 100 meters from our apartment to access the route! Unless you are on the Cinta Costera, Panama’s infrastructure doesn’t allow for the safest road biking so to have this option every Sunday has been fantastic!

Cinta Costera–one of my favorite places to run or bike!  



Since surgery was less than 2 weeks ago, today’s bike ride was short. But when we bike the whole route with the Cinta Costera and the Amador Causeway, we can cover many kilometers!

At the end of the Amador Causeway, a few months ago.
Views from the Amador
View from the Amador

As the knee heals, I am excited to be able to cover more distance and take advantage of the whole route! Unless we are at the beach, most Sundays will start with a bike ride at least until I can run again :)!

One thought on “Ciclovia de Panama!

  1. Hi Friends,
    I had no idea you had surgery. So sorry to hear. The biking looks great though (so does the minimal clothing). I love the Sunday bike concept. Quito does it as well.
    Miss you guys!

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