Peru! ¡Que fantástico! Part 1

Within 3 days of school getting out, we had packed our bags and headed to Peru. We had decided not to return to the US during our first summer living abroad and spend our money on an adventure. We got our moneys worth!

Peru is a huge country so it took us awhile to narrow our itinerary. We didn’t want to feel too stretched so we aimed for quality over quantity. Overall, we would not change our trip too much. Dano and I wish we had stayed in Ollantaytambo for more than 2 nights, but other than that we were happy with our choices for our three weeks. If we had more time, we would have loved to see more of Peru especially the northern mountains.

Our first week was designed to get our feet wet and familiarize our self with Peru. We spent two nights in Lima before we took the bus to Ica. We enjoyed Lima and the cuisine, but we were ready to get out of another congested, crazy Latin/South American city.

Traveling by bus isn’t something I have done since I took a Greyhound to Marquette University in college to see friends. I have always heard that buses in South America are nicer than planes. We “splurged” and spent 10 extra dollars for first class…so worth it!


By mid-day, we arrived in Ica, our stop to get to Huacachina. This part of our trip had two purposes–dune buggying & penguins! We also toured vineyards (Dano & I), hiked & ran on the dunes, and ate a lot of great food!

After three nights in Huacachina, we headed back to Peru for the night before our next stop–Cuzco! We were beyond excited to be in the mountains again!

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