Peru! ¡Que fantástico! The Grand Finale day 3

Machu Picchu

There is a reason it is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Machu Picchu Mountain

Why not add a 2 1/2 hour hike up and down a mountain?

Peru was a trip of a life time! We experienced a small portion of what Peru has to offer and would love the opportunity to return! 


Dos Domingos

For the past few Sundays, I was not the favorite person in my family.

Domingo 1

On the first Sunday of May, we went to La Laguna de San Carlos. I had read about the lake in a tour guide and I knew it had a hike or two. It started out very positive, we found a bakery outside the city that had amazing empanadas and the drive was pretty easy.

We arrived at the lake. We asked for directions for the hike and went about our merry way. The hike around the lake was short, but sweet.

IMG_2071 IMG_2076

We asked the guard for directions to the other hike. He gave decent instructions and we headed off. I knew that the hike was to the top of a hill and I thought it would be similar to the Caves hike near our house in Colorado. Well…it was similar in length minus the switch backs. Pretty much we went straight up the mountain took a turn, went straight up, and so on. It was challenging since no one was mentally prepared to climb and they thought I tricked them to do this hike.

Once we were done and ice cold cokes were drank, everyone was a bit happier with me–kind of!

Domingo 2

I knew there would be a few pitfalls with today’s activity, but it was a once in a life time opportunity–literally! The Panama Canal Authority was opening up the canal expansion to the public.

So, we got up early to get a start on the day. When we arrived, there was a quite the long line. It was moving so the vibe was pretty positive. We spotted this bird near the end of the line.

Southern Lapwing guarding 3 eggs.

After 45 minutes, we loaded the bus to go to the site. We were welcomed with another line…even longer!

After about 10 minutes in line, we were caught in a downpour!

Okay, it was a bit ridiculous at this point…huge line & torrential rain! Our clothes were so wet we could wring them out. Eventually, we were under cover then before we knew it we were on the bus to the locks.  It was absolutely amazing! The engineering & construction is out of this world. Even more incredible is that the first set of locks was created over 100 years ago without the technology that we have today.

The spirit in the crowd was contagious! The Panamanians are so proud of the canal and they came dressed in Panama jerseys, carried flags,and wore traditional hats! It was a once in a life time opportunity and I am glad that we gutted it out. Although, I don’t think I get to pick next week’s adventure…